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The S.M.A.R.T. way to manage your mobile workforce

A complete site management system using NFC


When Select Security were considering security management solution options for their mobile workforce at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool, Near Field Communications (NFC) easily stood out as the most cost-effective option.

“Previous technology, such as RFID for example, was cumbersome, difficult to operate and very unstable”, explains Dave Potts, Business Development Manager at Select Security. Now, Instead of worrying about the system going down or being unavailable, the mobile security officers can provide input in real-time direct to the control centre for instant updates and reporting – using a simple smartphone app.

Check out the full video case study HERE and learn more about how NFC is revolutionising the way companies manage their mobile workforce and site management.

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NFC – a raging success at Packaging Innovations

Scantech Ltd boldly launched a unique concept for interactive packaging at the Packaging Innovations show in London on Sep 30-Oct 1. By embedding an ultra-thin NFC tag into the packaging of a product – or point of sale – the vendor is able to engage directly with the customer via their smartphone.


  • Collect valuable customer data
  • Improve upsell/cross-sell
  • Build loyalty programmes
  • Instant feedback & quality control
  • Track distribution
  • Monitor buyer behaviour
  • Instantly push rich content like video/audio
  • …and much more

Examples of use cases for NFC-enabled packaging

The Food Provider
Where shelf space is limited, in-store NFC labels can provide surveys on product selection, guide the shopper to a wider range of products online as well as provide nutritional information or suggest recipes complete with instructional videos.

The Department Store
By touching NFC-enabled product labels with their smartphone, the shopper can discover special promotions on their favourite products, find matching items, watch fashion videos and share outfits on social media.

The Electronics Manufacturer
An NFC tag in the user manual of a piece of home electronics gives the customer access to instant online support, instruction videos, the latest product updates, user forums and an online shop for accessories.

The Record Label
By having a CD with an NFC tag embedded in the case, the user gets access to an app where they can discover more about their favourite artists, book concert tickets, buy merchandise and enter competitions.

The Charity
NFC-enabled posters or pillars can be placed in strategic locations to act as unmanned donation stations. By tapping their smartphone on a particular cash amount, the user can quickly and easily donate to the charity via text message.

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