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Scantech pioneer mobile ticketing solution in Italy

An exciting new mobile transport ticketing solution has seen the light of day in Palermo, Italy, using Near Field Communication (NFC) delivered by Scantech to Italian mobile commerce solution provider WolleyBuy.

Using this new initiative, passengers can quickly and easily purchase their travel tickets before boarding the bus, via the Wolley App. Once on board, the passenger can validate their ticket by “checking in” using their NFC-enabled smartphone. The entire process is very fast and completely secure.


The solution was rolled out across a fleet of more than 300 vehicles for Amat Palermo Buses in mid-April and has already garnered a great deal of interest from passengers and transport companies alike. The app, Wolley, can be downloaded on Android and iOS smartphones and topped up with credit using a bank card or one of the 40,000 Sisal PAY stores across Italy. The app can also be linked to a payment card for transactions.

“The beauty of NFC is its ease of use,” says Craig Stephens, Sales Director at Scantech. “The user experience is unbeatably smooth. Once the app is installed, all the user needs to do is select which ticket to buy and then validate it by holding their compatible smartphone over the NFC tag on the bus. We see a huge demand for these types of solutions as they carry a great deal of benefit for both the users and the merchants.”

The WolleyBuy bus ticketing system requires no upfront investment from the transport provider and can be set up in a matter of days or weeks, depending on the active fleet size. The platform provides a great source of passenger traffic data, as usage can be monitored down to the level of individual buses.

“We are seeing a rapid increase in the use of NFC for Mobile Commerce activities across Europe, and we want to encourage this trend by ensuring that the security and integrity of users is protected at every single stage of the transaction”, explains Giuseppe Di Marco, CEO at WolleyBuy. “There is a massive potential for providing various areas of mobile commerce services to merchants, as interest grows from both the end users and businesses in a wide range of fields.”

“This is an experimental area for us, but one we wanted to explore as we could get it up and running in a matter of days and the operations were so secure”, explains Antonio Gristina, Chairman of Amat Palermo. “We are proud to be first in Italy to give to our customers this new way to buy and validate tickets in such a simple way.”

With the help of just one app and one payment system, the user can purchase any kind of service or product, in the form of a digital voucher. The inherent benefits for the user include speedy service and smooth transactions – which all contribute to driving up customer loyalty.

“We chose to work with Scantech after doing some careful research on providers of enhanced print, and particularly the expertise of integrating NFC and QR into unique stickers and printed items”, Giuseppe Di Marco continues. “Scantech offered just the high quality, durable and reliable products that this project requires and we are delighted with the result.”

In the WolleyBuy eco-system, the power and the connectivity of the users’ smartphones are being leveraged using passive NFC tags instead of expensive devices. “The technology opens up such a wide range of opportunities for merchants”, Giuseppe explains. “We are currently using it for public transport, vending machines, parking, restaurant chains, cinema and museum ticketing, discount coupons at large retailers, fuel stations and more. It’s attractive to merchants as it is a very cost-effective way to create extra value for both customers and the business.”